Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Mix Tape

Each year I make a mix tape for my hubby for Valentine's Day. Ok, ok … so it's not really a mix tape. It's a CD that I make from iTunes. But if I could make a mix tape, I would. I ♥ old school stuff like that. Maybe I need to buy a boom box, a ghetto blaster, or just a tape recorder … remember those?

I remember making mix tapes for him back in the day when we were just dating. One tape I distinctly remember I made when we were struggling in our relationship and it had "Best of My Love" by The Eagles on it. To this day whenever I hear that song I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about our relationship and all we've been through. Saying that just makes me giggle for some reason. Oh well, it's true ♥

So here I am in the middle of making this year's mix "tape" … and I made a cool cover for it and I wanted to share:

I ♥ that cover with the mix tape. It makes me :) … since I can't make a real mix tape, this cover that I can make will do.

Each year the songs on the mix tapes range from country to jazz to cheesy 70's love songs … whatever means something to me that year. This year the CD contains some Blake Shelton, Aretha Franklin and Queen, to name a few. Last year it contained Alicia Keyes, Paul McCartney and Seal, among others. And the year before that the tape had songs from The Cure, The Beatles and Etta James. This is something my hubby looks forward to each year. And each year I look forward to creating it.

Happy Valentine's Day

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