Monday, February 20, 2012

We've Only Just Begun ...

… to live … white lace and promises …

I like that song. I like the Carpenters. But this post is not about that song, nor about The Carpenters. It's about my kitchen and we've only just begun!

Since this is going to be a loooooooooooooooong process, I'm gonna share in stages. I don't think there will be one final reveal as I am just too darn excited to hold it all in as we go.

So here is our kitchen when we started. I decided not to clean up my kitchen when I took these - this is it in all it's glory as we were beginning the process.

The view from the sink:

The view from the eat-in area:

The kitchen:

The floors:

The eat-in area:

The laundry closet:

The door to the backyard:

The table:

The kitchen stove:

The faucet:

Aaaaaaaand here we go! Ripping up the vinyl:

That vinyl stunk!

And it was messy:

The bare floors:

No stove!

Wowzers at the mess!

The eat-in area and the laundry closet:

The bare floor again … not sure what the deal is with that stain:

Late the same night that ripped out the vinyl and moved out the appliances I thought it best to go ahead and paint the laundry closet. I ♥ it! The color is Behr Fresh Water:

Oooooo ♥ this blue … it's 2 shades darker than the kitchen walls will be:

It's time for the tile to go in:

I must confess that I did not install the tile. It is done now and it looks LOVELY. I adore it. Alas it's time for bed and I have so much more to share! Tomorrow then …

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