Saturday, May 21, 2011

Inspiration {loves} Pinterest

So I've been seeing Pinterest here and there around the interwebs lately. I finally received my own invite and I am in deep like!! I ♥ Pinterest. While browsing around the other evening I was inspired to finally start working on my kitchen. I had put it on the back burner after completing the living room and reading room (they just need knick-knacks and little touches that only come through a lot of antiquing an thrifting).

My first order of business? Make candle holders, of course! This was so simple and, if you are weird like me and have a stash of paper scraps and jars, it cost virtually nothing.

Some jars, some scraps of cute paper, some double sided tape (or scrapbooking adhesives), some wire, some tea lights and voila!

I promise I DID clean my windows JUST this morning … grrrrrrrr! Does anyone else find it impossible to get them 100% clean? I have literally tried everything. Between those windows and my unfinished window sills it looks quite messy here! Oh well … they're still cute :)

I saw this idea in this great book I picked up at the library:

And my crafting required listening to my newest thrift store find:

More Music for Relaxation … yessssss ♥ ! Now I think I'll go make a sign for the reading room :) … you can see that idea here on my Pinterest

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