Friday, November 19, 2010

Reading Room part 2

I have been shopping. For paint and blinds and bookcases and stuff. And I have cleaned, spackled, primed and painted.  And now the room is ready to be transformed into a reading room …

 Do you ♥ the Celery Ice color like we do?  I thought so ...

I told you I was going to build the bookcases with my Dad, but I was perusing Craigslist and came upon these. Brandon and I picked them up this morning.

What do you think? It's coming along nicely. I even bought my first book for the shelves: The Oxford Shakespeare. I don't know how old it is as it doesn't have a copyright (being Shakespeare and all), but it is inscribed in the front with someone's name and phone number. Apparently the owner lived in Philly and his phone number was GRE 1152, so it's at least as old as the mid-1960s (when they became strictly numeric, in case you are a geek like me and you wanted to know that).

I want the books to be classics and antiques in this room, so I should have fun with that. Currently I am searching Etsy for vintage sheets to make into curtains.  Oh, and the chandelier is going bye bye … yes, after much deliberation we're opting for lamps instead :)

ETA: I just compared the before and after … I so ♥ the Celery Ice and the bookshelves!  What about you?


  1. Ooh Heather...I love the new color!!! You should really look at the thrift shops around for vintage sheets, that is where I find all of mine. Or on second thought, don't look!! ;) What are you doing with that chandie?? I'll take it off your hands if need be...

  2. Thanks Elise! I actually bought some sheets off Etsy that I found and loved (I'm impatient) … I think maybe you can have the chandie :)


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