Monday, May 9, 2011

A-HA!!! Strawberry {thief}

I have strawberries that just grow wild and crazy. Yes, I must admit that I really don't cultivate them much and they just grow. I suppose I could have a quite a bounty of them if I'd only pay more attention. So I decided to rearrange the little patch this weekend. Last night I discovered that many of the berries that once smiled at me from these plants were no longer. Hmmm … what happened to them?


Who knew Moxie liked strawberries so much? I certainly had no idea! What I laugh we got watching her eat them :)

I was able to save a few …


  1. How funny! I'd never think dogs like strawberries!

  2. I might have to do bodily harm to the dog! ;O) Don't mess with my strawberries now!!


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