Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a Short {and not so exciting} Tale of 2 Tables ...

I have long loved antiques … retro furnishings … anything old that has a story. And earlier in the summer I saw these tables at an antique store in Monroe. I didn't get them then (they were $40 for the pair), but I continued to see them in my mind, painted and flanking either end of my sofa. They had great potential. Then we went hunting at that same place for these chairs and I saw the tables again. This time they were marked to $25 for the pair and I brought them home.  They sat in my garage for weeks and weeks. And the paint sat beside them. But now they are in their final home … beside my sofa, and I ♥ them!

I apologize in advance for the terrible pix! It was rainy when I took the before photos in my garage (great lighting!) and it was dark when I took the afters in my house. Oh, and I wanted to get them done, so I didn't bother to switch out my lens from the 50mm. Yeah … I was in a hurry. Sorry. But I think you'll get the picture … :)


Sanding …


Lovely gray primer … but I do adore Painter's Touch by Rustoleum!


They've been painted "Popcorn" and distressed by hand. The paint job isn't excellent, but that's for a reason. I wanted them to look like they have been through a lot and loved :)

I like the details on these tables. They go in the living room perfectly. Now I need an old phone for that empty one on the left, don't you think? Ahhh … more antique hunting in my future! Twist my arm ;)

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