Monday, November 8, 2010

Who Has Rested In These Chairs?

I was determined that we were going to find some chairs for our whatever-you-call-it room on Saturday, even if it killed me.  So we ventured out to Monroe, GA … to Warehouse Antiques.  It's one of my favorite places … large, in an old cotton mill and filled with all sorts of treasures with good prices.  We brought the girls along.  They've begun to learn how to enjoy antiquing.  Good for them :)

I didn't shop like I normally do in there this time, searching every nook and cranny of every booth.  No, I was on a mission.  As we perused up and down the aisles we saw a few chairs here and there, but nothing that really caught my eye.  And then finally … on the LAST aisle Brandon saw them.

We both sat in them and they were VERY comfy.  Brandon and I discussed them and I told him I thought they were good shape if they were indeed from the 1930s as the tag implied.  As I said that a lady that was shopping walked by and said, "Those are from the 1930s …"  Apparently she used to be a decorator and is retired now.  She was just there shopping and had seen those same chairs.  She them proceeded to tell us her experience with this type of chair and that they were in good shape and that they were authentic.

So we bought them.  For a steal really.  And there were other purchases too, but I wanted to share these with you first.  ♥ them!  Now, I must say that these are not at all what I was thinking in my brain that I wanted.  They are actually very similar to our living room furniture.  But I like them.  And I wonder … who has rested in them over the years?

And that white table there in the middle?  Yeah … doesn't go, does it?

Some details … wrinkles in the cusions.

The arms

One of the chairs.  And yes, the walls of that room really are that yellow.  And yes, I do plan on painting them now that I have the chairs.  I can't wait to get rid of that yellow!

And another look at them.  I plan on spending some time in them today relaxing … resting … reading,  just as I'm sure they were used originally in the 1930s.


  1. Wow! They are beautiful and in incredible condition! Good job!!

  2. I love them Heather!!! Great find!!!!! I am on the look-out for some funky retro chairs for my living room. The challenge is that my walls are celery green, which I <3! So I am thinking teal. heehee, I love funky colors!!!!


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