Saturday, February 12, 2011

{old} Memories

{While I was scanning and editing these, and while I am writing this I am listening to Daily Audio Bible … ♥ !!}

I have a new scanner and I ♥ it! Last time we were up at Brandon's Grandmother's house we spent some time looking through old photographs. Brandon's mom gave me the following and I was waiting until I had a good photo scanner to do something with them. So far I have only scanned them. But oh how I am smitten with them!

This is Brandon's mom when she was but a wee girl. Isn't she cute?

And here she is again a few years later … 
And here is Brandon's Gran. I ♥ this picture … 
And years later here are Brandon's Gran and Brandon's mom. I ♥ this photo … the dresses, the car … I think the tag says 1955. Those are campers in the background and I *think* they are in Myrtle Beach (I should ask!) … 
And this is Brandon's mom's baby picture. It was 1943. It's such a classic photo. The back of the photo shows that it was originally a postcard. ♥ it!!

The following are of Brandon's Grandfather, his Papa, as he called him. Brandon adored him and was devastated when he died back in 1982. I so wish I had been able to meet this man who influenced Brandon's life immensely. 

This second picture of him is his US Army picture. He fought in World War II in Europe and told several interesting tales, from what I understand. Because of this Brandon is enthralled with WWII and has brought me into his fascination as well.
I treasure old artifacts, be them photos or furniture or books or decor. They take me back in time, to a simpler time. Yes, perhaps not an easier time, but a simpler time. When I was in school I hated history. I found it so incredibly boring. Textbooks … yuck! But photos … artifacts … actual letters and diaries? These draw me in and somehow I feel some kind of connection to the past.

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