Friday, February 25, 2011

Homeschooling Plans for Our Next {First} Year

First, can I tell you that I want to redesign my blog … again? What is wrong with me? hahaha

OK … so I have been searching through some really great homeschooling sites and blogs and gathering inspiration for next year. In many ways it feels like our first time doing this. And I guess in some ways it is. It will be my first time homeschooling 2 little girlies (well one little, one not-so-little) instead of just one.

In order to organize my thoughts I went searching for a yearly overview planner. I found one and printed it out, but it was plain and I'm not. So I (of course) made my own. It looks like this:
It goes in my handy dandy notebook. If you like it, you can access a blank version here and print it out for yourself if you'd like. It's colorful, of course :) … if you don't want to print it in color, you can simply print it in grayscale, or you can access the blank black and white version here.

As you can see, they are doing nearly the same things, even though they are 6 years apart in school. More about that coming soon …

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