Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reading Room 3

Are you tired of seeing the reading room yet? My vintage sheets came yesterday from a seller on Etsy.  Goodness, I ♥ Etsy! I made the curtains this morning and hung them this afternoon.

 ♥ this curtain rod I found at Target … it's extremely difficult to find curtain rods that are not brown these days!

 Now to find a new home for that chandelier (oh, Elise!)

Aren't they fabulous? Perfect for window curtains in my newest room. I adore the butterflies. I sort of liken them to the changes that take place inside me when I read a great book. But I am waxing poetic.

I also put 25 holes in my freshly painted walls …

The view from my chairs ♥

I've always liked these things … whatever you call them. They add dimension and interest.

The rest of the room will be fun fun fun … finding the finds for the shelves and walls and lamps and such.  It's cozy in here!


  1. I like the chandelier! Just make it higher so you don't bump your head. :-)

  2. NO on the chandelier! I'm yelling NOOOOOOO!!!! Perhaps a different one … I have something in mind ;-)

  3. La la la lovin' it, Heather!! Looks great!!


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