Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paper City

I declared today a no television, no computer, no playing on my iphone day for the girls. Brandon was away today selling our boat (woohoo!!!) and working on his '68 GTO (I think all the recent antiquing has him longing to have his antique car drivable again). So it was a girls' day.

This morning I was perusing my Google Reader and came upon Made by Joel. FAB.U.LOUS. And on it I found this paper city. Adorable! That's when I decided the no-TV, no-Mac day.  We went to Hobby Lobby for some things, then ran in one of my favorite antique stores, Queen of Hearts.  Of course, I found 2 albums … Disney's Sleeping Beauty and Disney's Peter and the Wolf.

After taking Lydia to practice swimming we came home and began working on our city. The girls and I had! We listened to our new albums while we colored:

And then we made our paper city:

And it's just so cute and I was just so thrilled that they were playing so very well together I couldn't stop taking pictures! It's still downstairs in the living room waiting for their return tomorrow. They ♥ it. And it was free. And fun.

We ended our day with a little TV … the first episode of The Brady Bunch ♥ And now they're sleeping happily with visions of paper cities and Brady Bunch silliness and vintage album music dancing in their heads ♥


  1. Did you copy these on regular paper or photo paper? I love these for my littles!

  2. I used 32 lb. paper that I accidentally bought, but you could use regular paper or card stock :)


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