Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekly Menu - Free Printable!

I ♥ free stuff.  And I ♥ to organize.  And I ♥ lists.  And I ♥ to have everything spelled out right in front of me.  So for me nothing is better than a weekly menu displayed in my kitchen for me and all the world to see at a glance.  And cute, it's gotta be cute ;-)

I'm currently working on personal organizer pages for myself and I thought I would share them with you as they are complete.  The other day I posted about my daily tasks page.  You can find it here (also a free printable).

I just finished working on this matching weekly menu page.  I made 2 of them in case you need the other one that I don't use.  The first one is the one I use:

I don't know about you, but there's really no point in me planning any dinners on the weekends.
If we do cook at home then we will decide what we want on the fly.  But usually it's eating out that happens because we're out and about (these days we're on the lake).  Also there's a place for lunch ideas for the week.  I jot them down and then Lydia tells me what she would like the next day.  That works well for us :)

The second one is like it, but includes Saturday and Sunday for my friends who want that instead.   There wasn't enough room for "lunches" on this one - sorry!  It would have looked all jumbled and, well, less is more, right?

So if you like them, feel free to download them by clicking on the version that you would use above.  They are .pdf files and print great on a standard 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper.  The downloaded files will not have the One Crazy Chicken Designs watermark on them :)

Here's how to use them:

I have mine framed in an IKEA frame that *says* it is 8 ¾ x 11, but it's not … it's 8 ½ x 11.  So it works perfectly.  Of course, you can print it out and cut it down to 8 x 10 for a standard frame - there's plenty of room for trimming to that size.  You could also print it out in black onto a cute piece of scrapbooking paper!

After you have printed and framed it, simply use dry erase markers to write the day's meals and lunch ideas on the glass (or plastic if it's an IKEA frame).  Mine sits on my kitchen counter.

Another option is to print it out and laminate it.  Then you could glue a magnet onto the back and use it on the fridge.  That works too.  Or you could just print one out each week and write directly on it.  However you want to use it is up to you.  I simply ask that you do not repost it and claim it as your own.   Otherwise, enjoy!

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  1. This is a GREAT idea! I am always typing mine on the computer and then forget to print it out....UGH! I <3 this!!!


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