Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chore "Chart" ♥

I'm finally finished with it.  It was really simple, it just took me a while to get it done.  Here is our latest (and last I tell you … LAST!) chore "chart".  I do ♥ it.

It's cute and simple.  Each girl has a block with corresponding chore sticks - Lydia's is orange and Grace's is green.  Each morning the girls' chore sticks are in their blocks on the left.  As they complete a chore they move the chore stick to the big block on the right.

I can see right away if their chores are done.  Simple, right?  ♥  I got the idea from the How Does She? blog :) and I think it turned out great!


  1. Ok, how did you get it to look so cute? How much would it cost to have you make me a set? (If you do make them) Or did you buy the stuff somewhere? I couldnt do something that nice if I was paid a billion bucks!

  2. Cutest chore chart I've seen!


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