Monday, October 7, 2013

Life and art and flexibility ...

I've been itching to begin an art journal. I've been reading about them and learning about different ways to do it. I've tried gesso-ing old books and making journals out of composition books. But nothing tickled my fancy. I don't have the patience for having to prepare a book before I can use it. So I just bought this:

It's a Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal. The paper is thick and not perforated. It's a Mixed Media book, which means it can handle paints and markers and glues. It's not Multi-media, which I kept saying the other day, which made me sound silly ... and stupid. And I used my handy 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby!

So yesterday I stared at this:

This table is a mess. I love it. It's covered in paint and glue and carvings from the kiddos. Anyway, what we have here is a blank page. Also some crappy little acrylics (not my good ones), some ephemera, a color wheel for inspiration, some sharpies ... glue and gesso and a pallet and brushes. And a blank page. Staring up at me.

After a little while, and some internet surfing for inspiration, I made this:

It's the first page in my journal. Which I think is entirely appropriate. It's paint and marker and ink and ephemera and torn scrapbooking paper and glue and gesso and FUN. And I like it. It's rare that I like something that I paint right after.

You know why I like it? God's using it to teach me about being flexible. Yes. A little art journal. If there is one thing that I do not do very well it's this: BE FLEXIBLE. Nope. I'm the opposite of flexible. Let's see ... the dictionary says antonyms of flexible are: rigid, brittle, obstinate, ornery, stern, stubborn, unbendable. Hmmm. Yeah, that's me, alright. Rigid. That's a good word. And unbendable. Yep. Just ask my kids!

I've known this about myself for some time now. But I haven't changed. But I want to. I need to.

So back to this art journal. I love it. I can start out with one idea and end with something completely different that I planned. If I don't like how something is turning out, I can change it. What does it matter? It's just a little art journal. It's helping me to think outside the box. And it's helping me to enjoy the process. Enjoy the journey.
Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we will be able to treat life as art. ~Maya Angelou 
Ooo I think I found my next inspiration! And I think I'll get out my good paints next time. Enjoy life, my friends!

p.s. a great site for inspiration for art journaling is Everyday is a Holiday

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