Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall RV Trip Day 1 - On the Way

My good friend blogs about her RV trips and the posts are always so interesting, so I thought I would give it a try. I can't guarantee that mine will be interesting, but here goes ...

We are on our way to somewhere in Virginia (it was supposed to be Washington DC, but the congressmen babies can't play nice, so we have no idea where we are headed) via a stop in my hubby's family's hometown of Salisbury, NC.

We checked our youngest out of school on Friday in the Motor Coach (you must say that as my children do - with a thick, snobby British accent) and when I walked inside the principal was standing there and he said, "Show off!" I love him.

So off he went. Via ChickfilA because I was hungry and in my prepping for the trip I had not eaten all day. Oh, except for a bowl of cereal that I ate slowly while I watched an episode of Breaking Bad while I was supposed to be packing. But I digress.

So off we went again. We were making great time. I even took a nap ('cause someone who shall remain nameless woke me up at 4 that morning snoring). Then suddenly I awoke because we weren't moving. And we didn't really move much for the next 2 hours. There was a terrible wreck on I-85 ahead of us. People were out of their cars on the interstate and some were even turning around and driving backwards up the onramp to get off the interstate. About 5 ambulances came whizzing by over the course of the traffic. And a firetruck. And when we drove by it was bad. Tractor trailers and an SUV with the top cut off. Praying for this people. It really puts things in perspective when you see something like that.

So while we were "driving" in the traffic, Brandon and I switched seats (yes while we were driving - it's a fun experience) and I "drove" for a while until the traffic got really moving again. This motorhome is a monster! It's only slightly smaller than the width of the lane. I don't know how people drive these things!

We finally made it to Salisbury at about 8:30 p.m. We met our family at Longhorn for a much-needed reunion and much-needed dinner. My girls were going crazy - I had not prepared for a 6 hour drive with no stops, no water and no food for them. Oy!

After dinner were very tired, so we drove to the nearest Walmart, looked for "No overnight parking" signs (which I was sure did not exist there due to the fact that there were several tractor trailers in the lot). So we found a good spot, let out the slides, Brandon and our oldest went shopping for some water (which, no, we did not have any because, no, I had not planned on being on the road 6 hours with no stops), and I settled in for sleep.

A pretty uneventful trip so far, which is good. But maybe kind of boring too. But day 2 brought up some fun which I'll share later. My Macbook is about to die. I forgot the charging chord. Smart. So if we are able to pick one up later today, I'll add more to this oh-so-exciting series of posts!

Later! It's time to get everyone up and on the road!

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