Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vintage RVs

Who knows that I like all things vintage? Seriously, if I could live in the Brady Bunch house I would. Call me strange. I know it. But I simply adore anything mid-century.

My hubby and I find ourselves looking intently at RVs these days. All of us enjoy camping and after having borrowed a friend's camper a couple of times we'd like to purchase our own. I have lately grown weary of looking at them. And then I stumbled upon this:

It's a brand new 2011 Coachmen Shasta Airflyte camper. Who sees me camping in this?? Isn't it just the cutest thing? Check out the interior:


It's a current remake of this fabulous throwback:

Doesn't it just make you want to go camping with the family?  I ♥ it … awning lights and all!

So here's the floorplan:

I guess it's not really practical for camping with 2 crazy children and one equally-crazy dog?? {sigh} … but it's oh, so cute. I do think, however, that Brandon's truck would be bigger than it is. Of course, I think to pull one of these around you need a retro TV (that's tow-vehicle in RV talk). Maybe Brandon's 1968 GTO would pull it … hmmm …


  1. I love this! That is one camper that I grew up in. Well....mostly we had pop-ups and my grandparents had this one. I all would load up and head out camping for 2+ weeks each summer! It's AWESOME and so glad you have enjoyed it <3 I can totally see you in this camper!! Shannon

  2. I stumbled upon your blog and have no idea where you are but I operate Retro RV Rentals in Saskatchewan's Lakeland and have two of these Shasta's FOR HIRE!! or

  3. Wow! That 2011 Coachmen Shasta Airflyte camper is definitely exceptional! I love the space because it’s neither crowded nor too spacey, making it a functional area to work with.


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