Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm a {sucker}

I'm a sucker for cuteness. Whimsy. Adorable-ness. So … I am a sucker for cute cups. This is a recent obsession. Last year, before Target stopped selling Liberty of London (why did they stop that line?!!!) I bought these:

I use them for quick drinks or for the girls' drinks.

I also bought these:

I bought 4 of the above. I drink out of them all the time. It's the little things that make me happy, and one of these full of ice cold water and a cute straw make me smile ♥ … you can find me with one of these full of ice water on any given day. And yes, I did buy 4 so they would last me a long time. I think I might tear up a little on the day they start to fade and crack!

And yesterday I found these:

So springy … they make me smile … and they're insulated. And yes, they also came from Target. Good job, Target! Keep up the cuteness!


  1. Oh my gah...I LOVE those butterfly ones!!! Did I mention that I am using some of that Katie Daisy stuff for Violet's birthday??? In August. What can I say, I plan ahead. For the fun stuff...
    Must get to Target...

  2. They are so cute and big, so bonus! Violet's party will be so cute with all that stuff! Every time I am in Target I try to figure out a reason to buy all the Katie Daisy stuff :) … can I buy the stuff for my own birthday in August? ;)


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