Friday, March 25, 2011


The reading room is coming along nicely. It's been a while since I have spent some time or $ decorating or finishing it. Of course, I am always purchasing books for the bookshelves ♥

I have 2 things to share with you:

#1 - My mom-in-law bought me these FaBuLoUs Katie Daisy prints for Christmas. I ♥ them. I adore them. I want some more of them! They make me smile. And it took me an entire 3 months to get them up on the walls. What is wrong with me? Laziness {sigh} … anyway …

I have had this one on the mantle for some time now ♥ :

but only yesterday I hung the other 3:

I really like the way this one looks in that yellow and white frame! That's a quite old frame from a thrift store and I was originally going to paint it. But doesn't it look just perfect with that print, in that room? I thought so too!

I adore her paintings. Yes, these are paintings (well, prints made from her paintings). She is quite talented! If you frequent Target these days you might have noticed the "spring is here" napkins and such near the party goods. Those are her designs. Cute!

#2 - I have been searching for a lamp for this space. It didn't matter if I needed to paint it or not, just searching for the right lamp. I spotted this little $3 treasure at a thrift store on Wednesday. And bonus - I didn't even have to paint it - the color is perfect!

So now the room is cozy. A perfect place for curling up in an old comfy chair and reading ♥


  1. I am lovin' that room, Heather!! I don't think I would leave it...I love me some Katie Daisy, too, and want quite a few of her prints. And...I have already bought some of her stuff from Target, too!!
    Hope you have a lovely day!! I am finally finding the floor in my back room. Exciting stuff!!

  2. Thanks Elise! I bought some of her napkins the other day … love cute napkins! Why am I not surprised that you not only know who she is, but like her too? :) I'm glad you are getting settled in!

  3. Heather, it looks so great. Would love to come over and see it sometime! Miss you!


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