Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home School Home

So … we've come full circle here in our home. We'll be homeschooling again beginning next school year. This is my research notebook:

We'll be using My Father's World Rome to the Reformation (as you can see above).

I was driving myself CrAzY with all the curriculum out there. There is SOOO much of it. I am thankful for having homeschooled in the past, so I am aware of philosophies and such already. So it was a just a matter of finding the right (read "PERFECT") curriculum for my girls.

Do you see all those notes above? Pages and pages were full of thoughts and ideas. And prices. Yes, it's not cheap. Oh, it can be if you want or need it to be, but right now I want neither. I was leaning toward Sonlight, but then I would lean toward My Father's World, or piecing it all together myself. Finally I was at the end of my researching rope. I had been praying about it all along, but Saturday morning I begged God to show me what to use. He gently let me know that I was asking Him the wrong question, that I need to be asking Him what HE wants me to teach my girls. So I did. And God, in His infinite wisdom, led me to use My Father's World for both my girls next year (and hopefully the next and the next). He knows just what I need and just what my girls need. And I can see now why it will be the perfect fit for us and for what we ALL need to learn.

I'm looking so forward to it. Lydia is looking forward to it (that's another praise that goes straight to the Father). Grace doesn't have any idea about it.

I plan on writing more later about what we're using and why, but I gotta run to work! Later ...

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  1. I'm happy that you have peace about this. You have me wanting to look at My Father's World for next year too. We used it in K. I didn't like the 1st grade plan, but I honestly haven't looked since. Hmmmm....must.wait.until.we.get.past.all.of. this.sonlight!!!!!!!!!!

    hahahahahahaha! ok, maybe I will just peek at it :o)

    I'm happy for you- whatever the Lord led you to, I was praying for completel peace and confidence. When there is peace and confidence in His conviction on you, then everything else (strength, stamina, etc) will be easier to find when you need it.

    <3 you!


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