Monday, January 24, 2011

{Meatless} Monday

On my menus I have recently dubbed Mondays as Meatless. Plant based meals are 1) so healthy and 2) cheaper. So yesterday as I was planning out my weekly menu I came across 2 recipes that I wanted to try: Spinach salad with strawberries and fresh mozzarella and avocado, and Italian stir fry over polenta. Mmmm … doesn't that all just SOUND good? I was looking forward to cooking this particular meal!

The recipes are in my recently-checked-out-soon-to-be-purchased The Sugar Solution Cookbook. Can I just put in a quick plug for The Sugar Solution? I have learned so so much good information about blood sugar and insulin levels and their vast importance in how our bodies function. Anyway, back to the food ;) …

First, the salad. I wasn't sure how the avocado would mesh with the sweetness of the strawberries and the sweet & tangy dressing, but it all went together fabulously (ask Hubby … he's not an avocado fan … he's missing out!).

Then I began the stir fry with red onions and red peppers. I posted a picture on facebook because I just WISH there was smell-o-vision! The aroma was heavenly!!

Then added zucchini, chickpeas, TONS of garlic (you can never have enough), red pepper flakes, tomatoes and basil.

While that was finishing up so was the polenta. I ♥ polenta. Bob's Red Mill makes some wonderful polenta (corn grits) that cooks up quickly.

Put it all together and … voila!

Such an incredibly yummy meal! {Meatless} Monday … mmm mmm mmm! This may have to carry over into other days! God didn't have to provide us with tasty food, but He did. I'm thanking Him this evening for the bounty that He has freely given to us and the taste buds with which to enjoy!

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