Monday, November 15, 2010

Reading Room

That's it. I finally discovered the name … with a little help from Lydia. She thought the best use for the room was for books … lots and lots of books.  Filling the room with books. Brilliant! I always wanted a library :) … so reading room it is.

So … here's what I'm thinking:

Don't you love my beautiful drawing? Yeah … Adobe Illustrator would be nice (in my dreams … $600 … are you kidding me??!). OK … back to the room.  So here's what I have left to do:
Yes, it says build bookcases. My Dad and I are going to build bookcases. Nice ones. It'll be great. And Home Depot still had their cabinet-grade lumber on sale … bonus. Now to just clean out the garage (again) so we have a place to build!


  1. Yep - you really are wonder woman!

  2. I think it is a brilliant idea to create a reading room. You could always just paint the chandelier and keep it there....just raise it up a tad. I saw one painted turquoise one time that made me think of you! :O)

  3. I told you I always wanted to be Wonder Woman, Denise :)

    You know, Barb, after I took this picture and was looking at it I toyed with the idea of painting it and raising it. Hmmm … not sure now!

  4. I was gonna say what Barb said, so just know that the opinion is seconded{if that is even a word}...


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