Tuesday, November 16, 2010

♥ Inkscape!!

So yesterday I was lamenting that I would love to have Adobe Illustrator, but the cost is quite prohibitive. I enjoy doing graphic design and have been doing a bit more of it lately for work. This morning I was thinking about open source and GNU and wondered if there was anything good out there in open source land that compared with Illustrator.  I decided to Google "open source illustrator". The first thing (and several things) that popped up was Inkscape. Well, I already have Inkscape and I use it very limitedly (is that a word?) to transform graphic files into svg files so that Sure Cuts A Lot (used with my Cricut have I lost you yet?!) can use them.

I think I am in ♥ … again. I'm always falling in ♥ with new discoveries. Let me just say that Inkscape does not disappoint.  it is quite powerful! Here's a screenshot … I have been following tutorials and I have drawn a sequin (my first drawing with Inkscape) and now I am learning how to draw and embellish a paisley:

I ♥ Inkscape!  And … it's free!! I'm never going to get anything done today …

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