Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dress Up

Yet another Halloween has come and gone.  I think next year that I will dress up.  I had something in mind for this year, but I didn't have time to pull it together by the time it came to me.  So you'll have to wait to see our Christmas cards {as long as I take the time to pull it together by then - I do have a fabulous idea in mind for them!}.

Lydia wanted to dress up as Taylor Swift.  But she didn't want to take any of my advice when we went to Goodwill for the outfit.   But she was satisfied, so whatevah!

And Grace was a 60s/70s/Disco Chick.  We found this great dress while thrifting and it fit perfectly.  She told everyone she was a three Bs chick and no one {except her mama} understood what she was saying :)

This picture cracks me up!  She didn't want to throw up the "peace" sign, so Lydia sat behind her and did it :)

The candy bowl … tempting me ...

And no, that picture is not crooked … yes, that light pole IS …

Waiting for the trick-or-treating madness/fun to begin …

And I have eaten WAAAAAAAAY too much candy over the past 3 days :-P !!

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