Friday, November 26, 2010

American Typewriter

{warning: geek post ahead} 

I've already admitted I'm a geek, OK? So deal with it, or deal with me, or stop listening to me talk about my insane geekiness (which means stop reading my blog).

Now that that's out of the way, I ♥ typography. That's the fancy word for font. I currently have 515 fonts in my Font Book. Last year before I rejoicingly demolished my old PC I had over 1500.  Back to my current collection … some I paid for, but most are free for personal use, and some are for commercial use (since I do some designing).

These days I adore the ITC American Typewriter font. Somehow or another I got my hands on it for free for commercial use last year.  However it is no longer free for commercial use. Bummer for you (that is, if you need it for commercial use). Hmmm … perhaps it's my affinity for all things nostalgic, but if you notice my font on this blog kind of looks like typewriter font. Kind of.

Since my kiddos are quarantined to their rooms due to the flu (grrr) and I am doing nothing, I thought I would share my beloved font with you:

Enjoy the Christmas season!

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