Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Before and After: Lamp Table Lamp

I knew I wanted one of those … what do you call them … Lamp Table? Table Lamp? Lamp Table Lamp?? I don't know … it's a table and lamp all in one. An antique one, not one of those, that, well you know what you're thinking. No. A wooden antique one.

And I found one when we went on our little anniversary trip. And no, I did not find it in Blue Ridge, I found it in Ellijay :)

It was so ugly … I think my mom thought I was losing my mind when I came home with this:

So I promptly ran to Home Depot and bought these:

And with a little of the above and a little sanding I now have this:

It turned out perfectly!!  I wanted to make it look like it had been through a lot, and still have all it's quirky charm.  So it has a layer of white, then a layer of blue, then another layer of white paint.

Oh, be still my ♥ I just ♥ making over vintage stuff!  Now to make the lamp shade as cute as the lamp :)


What do you think?