Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drive In Nostalgia

Brandon and I returned home yesterday from a much-needed and very enjoyable mini-vacation for our anniversary.  We travelled to Blue Ridge, GA and, although it wasn't my favorite place in the world to visit, we had a lot of fun.  

One of the things that we did was go to the drive-in. Oh, how I miss drive-ins!  I grew up frequenting the Glenwood Drive-In in Atlanta, GA. Memories flood my mind of pajamas and lawn chairs and hamburgers and coolers. I saw Freaky Friday (1976) and Jaws there, among many others. So when I saw that Blue Ridge had a drive-in that plays first-run movies, I knew we had to check it out.  

They were playing Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, which I have been wanting to see.  And it was open on Sunday nights (our first night there) so I was super-excited!  Oh, all my friends were teasing me that if we wanted to see the movie we should stay out of the backseat ;) … and that the best place to watch a drive-in movie was from the backseat.  So cute you are, my friends!  

Can I tell you that it is the BEST way to watch a movie?  Seriously.  I don't know why there aren't more of them.  If I had the money I think I might build one.  There are only 4 drive-in theaters left in GA and one of them is in Atlanta.  The Starlight Six.  They play first-run movies and as soon as they play another family movie we are taking the girls.  Everyone needs to experience the unique fun that is the drive-in.  

Here are some more photos of the Swan Drive-In:

And last, but not least …

I snuck around the corner while Brandon was getting our concessions and took this picture with my iPhone.  This is the projector.  Isn't that thing COOL?!?!?!  It's a monster and on those round shelves are the films. I ♥ this … so nostalgic.  

Seriously … one the BEST dates ever.  I can't wait to check out the Starlight Six soon!

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