Friday, September 10, 2010

and we wait ...

I dusted off my grain mill and bread machine this morning.  Yes, it's been a while since this domestic goddess slacker has made bread.  I know … I know.  Brandon travelled up to Bread Beckers for me recently and replenished my supplies, so now we are set for a while :)

My Whisper Mill (why is it called a Whisper Mill???)

My trusty Bread Beckers Recipe Collection ♥

3 cups of wheat berries waiting to be ground …

The wheat berries are in my newest antique Pyrex bowl ♥

Grace is licking honey off a spoon :)

Freshly ground wheat … I wish you could smell this!

My tried and true Bread Beckers Zo Dough recipe :)

Oil and Honey - the honey is from a local farmer ♥

And now we wait … 

I'm excited about the smell of fresh bread floating through the house again :) ♥


  1. ALmost the best smell ever! It is funny how different our recipes look. Mine is the same book from a few years later.

    I ran out of wheat berries last week, but have just learned of a local source. They use Montana Wheat. Have you ever ordered from MOntana?

  2. Yes … my house smells yummy at this moment! I have not bought from anyone but Bread Beckers and whole foods. How are their prices?


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