Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Step Stool Makeover

Hobby Lobby gift cards are fun.  I received one for my birthday and I was, of course, perplexed as to just how I wanted to use it.  A few weeks ago I saw some step stools that could actually be used as step stools (go figure!) in the naked wood department.  I thought they would be cute decoupaged.  So that's what I bought with my gift card - 2 of them and a nice pack of K&Company paper.  I ♥ their paper by the way … check it out if you get a chance!

Here is the stool naked and ready for clothing:

I ♥ how things looks photographed on my lovely new floors.  But I digress …

And here is one of the stools covered and ready for work:

I'm working on the other one - it'll be different.  I still have to spray clear acrylic on them to seal and protect them since I do plan on actually using them for their purpose … step stools.  But it's been too hot to get outside to do anything these days.  Thankfully it's cooling off a bit here, so I'll probably have more completed projects to show you soon!  :)

The girls think they're cute.  And I do too :) … they were soooo simple to make.  A couple of stools, some scrapbooking paper and Mod Podge is all you need.  Well, scissors are helpful too, but you know what I'm saying :)  Travel on down to Hobby Lobby (and use your 40% off coupon this week) and buy some cute paper and decoupage something today!


  1. Love it Heather! You cease to amaze me :) If it had a flat surface those would be great for kids snack tables or mini writing desks! AMK

  2. Very cute! You're putting me back in the mood :)

  3. what a cute stool! I love the way it turned out! :)


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