Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I began flower gardening this year.  I started late … it was already June and HOT when I planted my first plant.  I wan't sure how they would fare or if I would even enjoy it.  But they have fared fairly well and I do enjoy it.  I bought a lot of lantana because I adore their tangerine fragrance.

And the butterflies ♥ them too!

I ♥ to see the blooms bursting out of the rustic fence.

And I can't wait until the clematis have completely climbed and covered my arbor.

Fortunately for me living in the south the growing season is long so I will be able to enjoy the garden a little more.  And it's just beginning to cool off so I can be outside more and more these days.  It looks like I will like this flower gardening adventure!


  1. Yay! Those are beautiful. I love Lantana and the deer HATE them :o) I want to see your garden next time we are down. <3

  2. ha! It probably looks WAAAAAAY better in the pix than IRL … like always ;)


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