Friday, August 6, 2010

Drapery Delight Part 2

I made my curtains and valances from the Amy Butler sheets that I bought the other day. It was SO.Incredibly.EASY! Here they are:

I'm not too keen on that curtains rod - it's one of the first things we ever bought for our first house almost 13 years ago - but I had it and I wanted  antique white, so there ya go.

I made curtains for one of the windows (the longer ones) and I made valances for the other windows (the shorter ones).  Here are the valances:

And the lovely rosette clips that I stumbled upon:

And they can also be closed (but I kind of like them open):

So here is the room … almost finished!

And this is the pattern in the curtains & valances:

It's starting to look like adults live here and not like a dorm.  Yay!  We just need to install the fan and find a desk for that wall and it'll be done!  Ü


  1. Good job!! Very pretty! :O)

  2. This looks beautiful! I soooo need some help making the mutant-seminary-townhouse a home. I will get it done just in time to pack up for Chicago! Hahahaha!

    I love this though. It is really gorgeous and completely you-nique :O)


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