Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summers' To-Do List

It's officially summer at our house … yesterday was the last day of school and we are now entering the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.  So here's my summer to-do list:

Plant flowers.  I want to decorate my home with fresh flowers in jars all summer long.  If I can't get them from my own garden, then I'll  get them from the farmer's market.  Either way flowers WILL fill my house!

Grow veggies and herbs.  My garden is small this year, but coming along nicely.  I even already have blossoms on my tomatoes!!  I'm so excited :)

Build these adirondack chairs.  It's really very simple … just open the box and put them together!  And then they need to be painted.  And then they need to be placed in the backyard and then I need to be placed in them :) … watching my girls play in the summer sun!

Spend LOTS of time with my girls.  I don't spend enough time just hanging out with them.  They are so fun.

Make lemonade.  A lot.

Make ice cream.  My hubby loves ice cream … he'd live off it if he could!  And home made is the best!

Watch the sunrise … and set!

Spend a relaxing week at the beach and explore a new little beach town.  I am sooooo excited about this trip!  We haven't been on a relaxing beach vacation in 6 years!  Oh, we've been on vacation, but I've had a baby or we've been to Disney (which is sooo fun, but not relaxing).  I'm looking forward to sitting and doing nothing for a week :)

Build something from scratch.  I don't know what.  Maybe a picnic table?  Maybe this one :)

Going to the lake.  We love our boat and the lake is 15 minutes away.  Always a fun time!

Crafting … lots of crafting!

Make cupcakes, of course :)

Spend time at the pool with Nana :)

Finish my living room redo and my dining room remake (into a sitting room/library).  This needs to be done!

Decluttering!  'nuff said!!

Go for walks.  Many times.  Long walks together.

Reading new (to me) books.  I just never have the time to sit and read fiction.  I love to read, but most of my time is spent reading how-to books.  I'm ready to sit in my adirondack chairs, soaking in the summer sun, drinking lemonade, opening a book and falling in.

Visiting the farmers market.  I love the farmers market, but I hate getting up early in the summer.  Thankfully the one I visit is now opening Tuesday evenings - yay!

Take tons of pictures!

Wow.  Lot's of things to do.  I better get off this computer and get moving!  Lydia is already begging me to get done here and help her learn to play with her pictures.  So bye for now :)


  1. I LOVE your to do list. I want your to do list...really! Have a wonderful, great, fantastic summer and enjoy your girls!!!! Time goes by too quick! I love summer!!!!


  2. Love all the pics! Hope you have a great summer and get lots accomplished :)


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