Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fresh and Happy

This is what I want to see on my mantel at all times. I ♥ fresh cut flowers displayed in glass jars of any kind. Not vases, but jars. And I ♥ soda bottles. Like these. I placed some of the flowers from the girls' recital bouquets in jars around the house and it makes me smile. It brings a freshness to the room that I love. I'm looking forward to starting my first flower garden this year. Hopefully very soon! I'd love to have a cutting garden … did you know that the best way to grow a cutting garden is just like a vegetable garden? I didn't know that. It's not supposed to be so lovely to look at as a regular garden, but it's more to be able to cut the flowers and bring them inside. I thought that was interesting. I didn't know that until last night when I was reading one of the many books I checked out from the library. I don't know if I'll grow one of those this year … I just want the loveliness of a garden in my life. Several gardens preferably. I want flowers everywhere. Flowers … growth … life. ♥


  1. I love that pic! And I think it would be awesome to have a fresh flower garden. Do you ever drive up and down the roads with medians in between where they have wildflowers growing? I always think, "I wish I had those in my back yard."

  2. Yes! I do that all the time. I have never ventured into the flower garden realm before, but I figure why not?!


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