Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm Amazed

So I am doing the Seeking Him Bible study that I have been writing about. It is rocking my world. This morning at the end of my study time I sat in my chair with my my book and my pen. I just sat. And I began praying about the things that God has been speaking to me. As I sat there praying I began to write down every thought I had and everything that God was speaking to me and showing to me. I filled the page with words. I underlined and circled things already written. The two 8 x 10 pages are full.

My heart is full. My heart is about to burst at this moment at the wonderfulness of God. Wonderfulness ... is that even a word? I think so (the spellchecker isn't picking it up). Anyway, God is so good. He's marvelous and amazing. What is amazing is that with all my ugly issues and sin He loves me. Even though I stray from Him, He loves me. Even though I am consumed with me, He loves me. Even when I didn't love Him, He loved me.

Brooklyn Tabernacle - I'm Amazed

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