Thursday, April 22, 2010

Furniture Fun … as Promised :)

Here are pix of my new furniture as promised:


Grace is lying on the storage ottoman and there's a bit of sun flare here, so it's kind of green on the right, but you can see the chair :) … ♥ the storage ottoman - it's like having 2 pieces of furniture in one!


Here is a view of the couch ♥ ♥ ♥ … see that lamp shade? Yeah, it's broken. A new one is needed! That one is 13+ years old and has seen WAY better days.

couch2 copy

Another view of the couch, and in this pic you can see the arm of …


My recliner! I never, ever, EVER thought I would buy a recliner that I liked. But I like this one. A lot. It's lovely and oh so comfortable! Brandon originally wanted one for himself, but he has claimed the chair and I have claimed this!


The couch and chair legs. Enough said :)

Next project:


I need to paint these frames. I'm thinking a cream color. These will hold prints and artwork on the L O N G and bare walls across from the furniture. I guess I need to get that done 'cause my prints will be here any day now! But oh, I don't want to put holes in those walls!


  1. *GASP* I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new furniture!! And it all looks so comfy, too.
    Are you going to post pics of the whole room when you're done?

  2. Of course...we need Pat here to help put down some hardwood floors...actually I think we're doing laminate. Yes, these chairs are SO comfortable! :)


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