Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm dreaming of a …. farmhouse kitchen!

I enjoy watching renovation shows and the DIY network. But my taste in kitchens is very different from what I see everyday when watching the professionals. I like farmhouse kitchens. I like farmhouse furniture. I think I just like farmhouses!

But I don't live on a farm. I used to once think that I wanted to live on a farm, but now I am sure that it's just the idea of it that I like. I really can't see myself getting up at the crack of dawn EVERY morning and going out to milk the cow! I think it's the idea of the simple life that makes it so appealing to me, times gone by and all that.

Currently I am still working on my living room. My dad and I are building a media console, which will be huge and lovely when we're done! As a matter of fact I'll be spending all day tomorrow with him working on it and I'm quite excited! And after that we STILL need to buy some new furniture for that room (our couches & chair are, well, quite literally on their last leg!!).

But I have this farmhouse kitchen in my head. I know exactly what I want to do … paint the cabinets white, change all the hardware on the cabinets to black, new countertops that are either black, some mixture of black, grey and white, or greyish, pale yellow walls, beadboard in the eat-in area, a new light fixture … I could go on and on.

We went to a play last night that was set in the 1950's and it had a retro-y kitchen. I liked it. I didn't like the turquoise color, but the elements were cool. It had me dreaming of my kitchen while I watched the play (which was very good by the way!).

So this morning on my favorite site I read this: Farmhouse Kitchen Style In Your Home … perfect! So I'm reading it and I come across the idea for retro appliances. Now, I really don't see me spending the money for them (they are $$$), but I just had to share them, they're so cool!!!

Big Chill Appliances (they sell that yellow fridge above) … very awesome and completely out of my price  range.  But very awesome.

I'm dreaming on ….

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