Thursday, March 11, 2010

I've been playing house ...

I have been dreaming of a farmhouse kitchen, of renovating my kitchen to make it fit my style. Well, I have been playing house. Instead of renovating my real kitchen, I am in the process of renovating our new play kitchen. I was at a consignment sale the other day and I found a 4-piece wooden play kitchen set for … $50!! Yes. I said that right. All it needs is some TLC from me :)

oh, and I just wanted to add that my current favorite tool is the sander. I love this thing immensely. So much so that I want to run to the thrift store and see what I can find that needs to be refinished! I'm serious!

Anyway, here is the play kitchen that I bought for $50!!! I still can't believe I got it for such a steal! I was thrilled and snapped this with my camera phone to show my facebook peeps right after I bought it. How cool. Four wood kitchen pieces for $50!

I went right out and purchased primer and paint, new hardware, paper to decoupage on some of the shelves and fabric for a curtain under the sink. All I have left to buy is something for the knobs on the stove, the kitchen faucet (going to put a real one in there) and somthing for the sink itself. I'm still only out $!00 for this fabulous wooden kitchen!

I am giddy and my husband asked if this was for our chilren or for me. I said a little bit of both :)

So I spent Tuesday sanding (at the times I wasn't working with my Dad on the media console) and was done that evening. Here is the result:
play kitchen3

play kitchen2

play kitchen1

Can you say super thrilled? They are ready for some paint, and I am ready to paint them. It's a rainy day here today. Can't think of a better way to spend it that renovating this little farmhouse kitchen!

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