Monday, February 15, 2010

39/365 The Varsity

I ♥ the Varsity. It reminds me of my dad. For many years he worked in what is now the at&t building a couple of blocks away. I have met him at the Varsity for lunch more times than I can count or remember. The first time I drove into the parking lot after he retired I was waxing nostalgic and became a little sad that we would no longer have our little lunch meetings that began with "What'll ya have" in the express line.
Day 39 Varsity

It was Valentine's Day yesterday. We had planned a nice dinner and then a trip to IKEA on Friday night, but it snowed. I can't complain … it was lovely! So yesterday afternoon we took the girls to IKEA and then we went to the Varsity and Krispy Kreme :) I didn't have my camera with me, so I took this with my iPhone. Ahhhh the memories!

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