Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall RV Trip - Day 6 in DC

So today was slow-paced and relaxed, considering that Brandon isn't feeling well. We got a late start and headed to the National Cathedral. It's stunning. I came here once in the 5th grade and I remember how I felt so small. And again, I felt so small today.

And we found these in the gift shop:

Seriously. Really? Darth Vader? Is he the new gargoyle???

 These are from the observation deck:

Then we headed to Georgetown for lunch and dessert. I had found The Tombs recommended so we went there for some food. It was good, and I liked the atmosphere - rowing oars and paintings and paraphernalia abound. And it's called The Tombs for a reason ... you walk down to go inside, then down again ... then we went down again, feeling like we were in the bowels of the earth.

Then we headed for baked & wired. We were originally going to go to Georgetown Cupcake (i.e. DC Cupcakes on the Food Network), but in my research for lunch and finding GC, I discovered so many positive reviews for baked and wired and so many bad reviews for GC. So baked and wired it was. Goodness at the cupcakes. And brownies. And cookies. And ice cream sandwiches. We settles on ice cream sandwich (similar to a Chipwich, but homemade). And I also couldn't resist a cupcake. So I got one to go.

We were headed to the Newseum, but by the time we got back into the area, it was too late to go there and spend the $$ for admission with only 2 hours until closing. We got so lost. Since we have been here we have driven through this intersection at least 5 times turning around:

Oh, we were following a police car and found these license plates humorous. Can you see what it says at the bottom of the tag?

In case you can't read it, it says, "Taxation without Representation." Nice.

We drove to the National Mall and bought the girls some shirts and hung out on a bench for a while.

That's when we heard sirens. And then about 10 motorcycles whizzed by, then about 10 police cars, then a black limo, then several armored Secret Service vehicles, then what looked like a SWAT-type vehicle, then more police. They came by some quickly that it was all over before I even had a chance to take a picture. The motorcade was headed from the White House towards Capitol Hill. We can only assume it was a presidential motorcade. It was exciting.

Then we headed back to the RV because it was too early to eat, but everything else was closed. And with the fact that NOTHING is open anyway, we were growing a little frustrated.

We watched Back to the Future. I haven't seen that movie in ages. The special effects are stunning! ;)

I think Thursday will be great... the Smithsonian will be OPEN!! Yes! It's our last day in DC, but at least we'll get to see this.

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