Sunday, January 22, 2012

Powder Room Done: check!

Oh my. It looks fabulous. To us, anyway. We worked hard all of yesterday and today, and we are finally finished. And what a great feeling it is! I feel like we have really accomplished something. The final stages …

Here is hubby trying to figure out what that hole is for. Just kidding … I really don't know what he is thinking right there:

Here is the new toilet dry-fitted in the room :)

And we have a working toilet with no leaks!!

Here Brandon is cutting the bolts to the right length … love the Dremel tool!

Dry fitting the sink … it's starting to look like I envisioned!

Oh, behold the beauty of polished chrome! By the way, the faucet and sink came together from the Atlanta Re-Store :)

Another shot … I adore this faucet!

And again … did I tell you I love this faucet??

Brandon doing plumbing work with his one good arm … he amazes me … ♥

Working on the sink plumbing while the paparazzi attacks …

Oh, and I bought a new door knob to replace the old brass one. This was the first time I've ever put one in and I am thinking, "Why have I not done this before now?"


And … here is the bathroom … 

And the medicine cabinet …

And the sink …

And the toilet …

And that lovely sink again (sorry, can't help myself!) …

The view into the bathroom from my couch ♥

I can't believe it, so another shot …

The towel ring and towel (World market ♥)

And chrome toilet paper holder …

Ahhhhhhhh … I just ADORE it! ♥

Here is the before:

And the after:

Amazing transformation, no? Yes!! ♥ … Now it's on to renovate the kitchen :)

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  1. Heather, it's beautiful! I've been inspired by you throughout this whole process. Way to have a vision and work to make it come to fruition!


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