Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Found It!!

Doh! Some 1 of you may remember that back in March we visited Callaway Gardens and I {thought} that my memory card ate lost all my pictures … OR that my eldest daughter had somehow deleted them when I found her messing with my camera while we were packing up to come home. Well …  lo and behold while packing for our last camping adventure I cleaned out a backpack and there I found a memory card! I apologize to any family members {Lydia} I accused of accidentally deleting them while messing with my camera (don't mess with my camera!).

This is the Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel at Callaway Gardens.  When I was taking pictures of this chapel I had been dreaming of making this dreamy … ♥ … and now I can … and I did :)

That is all …

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  1. That is beautiful, Heather!! So funny what you were saying about your memory card. Around here the mantra is, "When in doubt, blame Fisher." Sad, huh?? I caught him with my camera tonight and he was putting it under his shirt. Like I wouldn't notice, ha!!


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