Thursday, June 16, 2011

Plastic {free} Pantry

In a very small effort to transform my kitchen, I decided to ditch the plastic in my pantry. I've done this before, but not to this extent. I was in Ace Hardware the other day and noticed that Ball makes ½ gallon jars. I really had no idea. I had just purchased a dozen wide-mouth quart jars for this project, but couldn't resist the ½ gallon ones. So here's what I did:

All traces of plastic are gone. I even put cereal in jars. I used the ½ gallon jars. I ♥ these things! 

This is the sweet side of the pantry … honey, turbinado, cocoa, sugars … ♥

And beans. I am so lazy - I have several cans off to the side that you can't see (of which the cans are surely coated with BPA). I must phase those out and take the time to soak beans when I need or want them. :)

OK … that's it … just sharing the  fun ;)


  1. Pretty! Especially the multicolored beans. I'm working on eliminating plastic, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE it, all my stuff is in the boxes and bags it comes in... hahaha

  3. Wow - I love it, looks fabulous, so creative, safe and gorgeous!



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