Saturday, April 2, 2011

Geocaching …

We're headed out to go camping for a few days and since hubby has tons of work to finish up today it's up to me to get everything ready. And here I sit ;) … But I am getting us ready, promise! One thing on my list for today is Geocaching. I need to look some up online and review them and print them out.

Geocahing? What is THAT?! Oh, it's good family fun! From the official Geocaching website:
Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.
First, you decide where you want to search and then go online to the Geocaching website and check for geocaches nearby (you can search by address or zip or on a map). You can choose difficult terrain or child-friendly searches or any number of things. Basically it's a sophisticated treasure hunt. You get the coordinates of the box & put those into your GPS (or phone or app or whatever) and read any additional info and then set out on your hunt. Here's a screenshot of the printable page for a particular cache:

If you look under additional hints above, you'll see an encrypted hint. This is great for the kiddos … they love to decode this using the key and find a secret message to help our search.

Next we set out to follow the GPS and any additional info we have about the cache. Along with us we bring a notebook, a pen and a trinket (no kids meal toys please) to leave. Once we find the cache we open the box, read some of the entries in its notebook, sign it's notebook and write in our notebook details about the cache, take a trinket and leave our trinket.

We ♥ geocaching. It's great fun for the family and FREE and who doesn't love a treasure hunt? And there are currently 1,332,525 caches hidden all over the world.

I really think I should just buy the Geocaching app on my phone :) (of course, that would make it not free, but it would make it easier and the geek in me would be satisfied).

Try it on this lovely weekend … you just might get hooked!

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