Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{Holly Jolly} Wreath

I'm not really a fan of candy canes. I don't particularly enjoy the peppermint flavor. Unless it's those yummy ones that melt in your mouth, then I could eat 70 of them! I do, however, like the looks of candy canes, the red contrasted against the white. So when I saw this, I thought I would copy it and make my own {Holly Jolly} wreath for Christmas:

I wanted something different, something whimsical, something fun. And something cheap. And this was all those things. Although making it was somewhat tedious, wrapping all that yarn over and over again. But I ♥ it :)

Here's what I used:

  • a 17 ¾ inch wreath form (I wanted one of the smooth round foam kind, but they were no whereto be found and I wanted to make this yesterday)
  • One skein each of red and white yarn
  • Large red beads
  • Green felt
  • Light green embroidery floss
  • Hot glue
  • Green ribbon

I think you can figure out what I did, right?  I love the way it pops against my green door. More Christmas crafts coming from me to you ♥

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