Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm diagnosing myself ...

Yep.  I think I have OCD.  A touch of it anyway :) … because I felt the need to, yet again, change the look of my blog.  I wanted to declutter it, if you will.  It still needs some stuff … I'm working on it … the blog, not the OCD …


  1. I redo my blog design at least every 6-9 weeks. It's also a sign that I'm hormonal, because I tend to get a little more creative when I'm PMSing! :) So, you may not be OCD, you may just be PMS.

  2. Love it!! Wanna do mine?? Its sad...

  3. Thanks friends :)

    Ms. W … hahahaha … I know I'm not PMSing right now - I wish that creativity was one of the ways my PMS manifested itself!

    Elise … yours isn't sad - you have a new little bundle of Violet love to take care of!

    Barb - I thought it went with my loving antiquing :)


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