Friday, July 16, 2010


I bet you thought this would be a post about the fabulous candy of the same name, didn't you?  So sorry to disappoint!  No, no … I was thinking about my obsession with the letter M.  I collect the letter M. I just ♥ M. I think it's because my last name starts with an M. No, I know … I didn't really love the letter M until my last name changed almost 13 years ago. So now I collect Ms …

I decided to move the green M (that I made) off the mantel and to the wall shelves.  And I don't really like that small black and green M below - it's the first one I made, but it needs to be replaced … soon! :) 

Here's a closeup of the green M that I made … a little Modpodge, a little sandpaper and I ♥ it :)

And below if my favorite (and first) M thus far … whimsical & fun :)

I found a few neat ones on Etsy that I'm thinking about purchasing.  I'm always in the market for a good M.  That sounds so funny!  So … if a groovy M comes across your path be sure to pick it up for me!


  1. I've started collecting "M"s, too. In fact, I made (modpodged) my first one earlier this week! Love the way you have them displayed!

  2. I have the same obsession with R's. Do you have the gold M from Hobby Lobby?? I have one that I am in the midst{since May} of painting and distressing. And you are so power tool savvy that you could find an M font online and cut one or more out of wood. Yes, do that and make me an R, too!! :)

  3. Well Elise … now I have to do that! Off to get a jigsaw ;)

  4. I've never heard oc collecting particular letters of the alphabet before! Still, these look great and it's amazing what you can find on places such as Etsy.


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