Monday, May 3, 2010

Paint … (how's that for an interesting title?)

My hands are covered in paint yet again. I ♥ paint! Such an easy and inexpensive way to transform something! I've been busy painting the window trim in the living room that is new and has never been painted. That took some time this morning, but I have to get it all ready to hang up our new faux wood blinds tonight :)

I spent Saturday framing. I have become a woman of many talents as of late with all my DIY projects and I've added picture framing to my repertoire of skills. Although I did manage to ruin one of them when I was stapling on the backing, but one frame out of 10 isn't bad, right? I'm still waiting on one print to come from WHCC and then I'll be able to finish the largest frame I have (24x36!). All frames came from the thrift store and the most expensive one was $5. I ♥ thrifting!

So I decided to follow the expert advice and place templates on my walls to picture (ha) where the pictures would go:


Oh, I need to do something with that rocking chair. It needs paint, of course, and new cushions. I just love that rocking chair. Look at all the frames on the floor waiting for their little print friends. They have been filled and are waiting to be hung. See the mini blinds? They're gone! But I digress … 


See the blue tape inside some of the templates? I actually taped up some of the prints (in their plastic sleeves of course!!) to see if I liked where I had chosen to place them. Brandon asked me to take it all down after they had been up a few days. I guess they are kind of ugly, huh?

I do want to share something with you though. See the piece of wood in the 2nd pic? I bet you have been wondering why it is there. Right? Well I used it to make this:




♥ ♥ ♥

I was inspired by this post. I made it yesterday afternoon while Brandon took a nap and I finished it this morning. Yes, I did hand paint it.  It speaks to me. I simply ♥ it!

Oh … one more thing that has nothing to do with paint:


I snatched that up at Target on Saturday. It was on clearance and I really needed a lamp shade. Another thing that I added to the room that just makes me smile.  The room is starting to look more and more like me.  Well, you know what I mean.  I'm enjoying the hard work.


  1. I absolutely love the "Be" project! I think I will steal that idea too! Did you do the letters freehand? I don't trust myself to do that! It is beautiful!!

  2. I love your sign, too!!! Yet another thing I want you to teach me!!!! Good job!!!

  3. Love it! Everything is looking so good!


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