Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Home Redo … Painting the Living Room

My hubby and I have decided to redo out ENTIRE house.  Yes.  The whole thing.  Floors to ceilings.  Well, not the ceilings (well, maybe … we'll see).

We've lived in many different places since we've been married and, although we've been here for a little over 5 years now, it feels like it's finally time to make it our home.  We plan on staying here forever, so we might as well make it ours.

We're beginning with our living/family room. We needed new furniture. Badly. It was falling apart and the upholstery was ruined (by the warranty people with our fabric care we bought with the furniture … yeah, don't buy that!). We also had an armoire that loomed over the room like a grizzly bear.  That piece of furniture is designed for a room with high ceilings and this one doesn't have those, so it needed to go.  That armoire matched the coffee and end tables, which were all a honey pine.  I have grown weary of staring at them so I decided to paint the tables.  Sweet Molasses. I ♥ this color!

Day 28 Sweet Molasses

I ♥ Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint :)

And you've seen the media console that my Dad and I built, right? If not here it is again (I just ♥ it!!!) …

Day 89 Cabinet

So the media console (plans courtesy of Ana @ Knock Off Wood - ♥ her!!) replaced the armoire. And new furniture replaced the old, beaten down furniture.  I wish I had a picture of it …. it is so FaBuLoUs!!!  Well, I do, but it's covered with sheets …


What the heck is grace watching on TV? Yep … I kept her occupied with mindless TV and rock candy ;) ! Anyway, if you look under the sheets you can see a bit of the furniture. It kind of has a 60s/70s retro vibe going on without being too tacky/trendy/modern. When I put the room back together I'lll take a picture for you :)

Anyway, so yesterday and today I am (along with my mom-in-law) painting the living room … again. I painted it back in the fall. Burnished Metal. I loved the color, but nothing went with it. Duh! I did that backwards - painted the room and THEN looked for furniture. Lesson learned. So off to Home Depot to buy paint. This time it was Desert Lily. A light, happy yellow with just a hint of green. Just a hint.



Do you see that wonky blind that won't.stay.up. in the photo above? Yeah. I'm making Roman Shades. I can't wait to take those blinds down! Oh, me of many projects! I'll let you in on that one too when I'm doing it … probably later this week :)

Anyway … we went through 2 ½ gallons! Yes … 2 ½ gallons of Behr Ultra Premium Plus - with the primer in it! My hands hate me right now!



That's my mom-in-law working hard painting my foyer for me ♥ !

And here are the finished walls:


And for good measure here's the photo from above just so you can really see the yellow walls better …


Yes! I love it! The color makes me happy!  I know it's called Desert Lily, but somehow I think it should have lemon and chiffon in the name.  Hmmm.

 Next stop: Replacing the carpet with wood floors! Woo hoo !!  There is a trip to Home Depot in my near future and I cannot wait!  We'll be doing it ourselves (I'm a DIY kind of girl) so that should be fun … and interesting!


  1. How nice and refreshing!! It makes me want to say, awwww. Great work. I have a kitchen in need of some color if your hands ever get un-mad at you (smile). No seriously, fabulous job precious one. The rock candy comment totally made me laugh out loud. Yvette

  2. LOVE that color! The room looks so much lighter and cheery. It's gonna look SOOOOOO awesome with wood floors! Can't wait to see the "after" pictures! I sure miss doing that kind of stuff. FUN!


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