Friday, February 19, 2010

Lesson #2

Today my Dad came over. He's finishing out our first floor windows by trimming them out and placing stools on them. They look lovely already and he's not even halfway done! Anyway, I planned on just watching him today and learning some more about woodworking. My first lesson was how to choose lumber, and we had it the other day at Home Depot:
home depot

We spent 3 hours in there just looking at lumber and I loved every minute of it!

So today while he was here he asked me if I wanted to cut the stools, to which I replied, "YES!!" So here I am working the jigsaw for the first time. It was a blast. I feel so powerful now!

My mom snapped this with my iPhone :)

I can't wait to share more photos with you of me learning and our progress with the TV console. I'm super-excited about learning something new like this! I told my dad today that now I understand when he gets a power tool for a present and he's thrilled :)

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