Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm one lazy, creative soul ...

"Is that possible?" I ask myself. Hmmm. I'm realizing that I am entirely too lazy. I spend way too much time gathering inspiration and way too little time actually using said ideas. That needs to change. It must. So today I went to Hobby Lobby just to see what struck my fancy. I wanted to buy some of those big, paper mâché letters and paint them and spell out "CREATE" in my bonus room. But alas, they were out of the letters that I needed. Bummer. So I bought a FaBuLoUs polka dotted broom! Yes. Perhaps I will become inspired while doing housework! I'll take a picture for you (of course) and post it tomorrow. It's so lovely.

But that's not the point. The point is this: I need to get off my tooshie. My living room sits in disarray because we are redecorating it. We have been since, oh ... I don't know ... October maybe? We painted it a lovely shade of burnished metal. We saved up money to buy new furniture and then bought my ♥ iMac ♥ instead. And rather than continue on redecorating what I can without the new sofa and chairs, I have just let it all sit there ...
living room stuff

... for months! Look at that stuff piled up in the dining room! I hate it. There is absolutely no reason, other than my laziness, why it is all still sitting there!

And that's just one example. I could give you more, but I won't bore you further. *sigh* Off to work on it .... tomorrow ;)

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