Tuesday, January 12, 2010

6/365 and another question ... what do you see??

We stopped by the library today to drop of a book and pick up a few others. While grace was browsing around I took a few pictures. I like this one of several new books on the shelves just waiting to be loved:

So here's my question. I want to know what you see? Is this picture VERY yellow? Or does it just look a little faded, a little vintage? Do what used to be whites (the labels on the books for instance) took cream or yellow to you? I just ordered some test prints from the lab that I thought I might try and they came back so yellow with very blown out B&Ws. I know I need to calibrate my monitor with a device like i1 Display, blah blah blah (although never had a problem with my current lab) ... but in the meantime I am wondering what you see ...

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  1. I see like a "tea stained" label...not white at all. Very vintage-y.

    P.S. I LOVE new books and if I were there I would have taken them all off the shelf and read them. ;0)


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